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Posted on 14th marzo 2011 by Comunicazione On the Road in News



E-notes Report on the implementation of anti-trafficking policies

and interventions  in the 27 EU member States


It describes the legislation, policies and actions that the 27 governments of the European Union organised in response to trafficking in human beings, focusing on 2008 and 2009 (the most recent years for which information was available in mid 2010). It was produced by the European NGOs Observatory on Trafficking , Exploitation and Slavery (“E-Notes”), an initiative by four non –governmental organizations (Associazione On the Road, La Strada International, ACCEM and ALC) with the broad goal of monitoring what governments throughout the European Union (EU) do to stop slavery, human trafficking and the various forms of exploitation associated with trafficking. A further 23 non-governmental organizations were involved in the project, along with researchers in each country. The project was financed by the European Commission, which, however, has no responsibility for the contents of the report. The report reveals that governments within the EU have different interpretations of what actions should be given priority to stop trafficking and to protect people who have been trafficked and indicates that the protection provided to many trafficked persons is inadequate. The report contains recommendations for both governments and the European Union as a whole. A summary of the report is included in each of the EU’s national languages.



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